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Professor Jan Lindström

Project Leader

Jan Lindström has published extensively on points of connection between grammatical structure and interactional organization, which resulted in 2008 in a monograph on Swedish conversational grammar (“Tur och ordning”, available on Research Gate). During 2012-2017 he was a team-leading researcher in the Finnish Center of Excellence in Research on Intersubjectivity in Interaction, exploring further the grammatical and interpersonal resources in social interaction. Another major field of interest is Variational Pragmatics, in which he has focused on institutional interaction in service encounters and health care contexts. This research was conducted within the research program Interaction and Variation in Pluricentric Languages (2013-2020) that compared communicative patterns in Sweden-Swedish and Finland-Swedish talk-in-interaction. The main results of the program have been compiled in the concluding report Interaktion och variation i pluricentriska språk: Kommunikativa mönster i sverigesvenska och finlandssvenska (2021).

Jan Lindström on the University of Helsinki Research Portal

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Eveliina Tolvanen

Post-doctoral researcher

Eveliina Tolvanen received her PhD in Scandinavian languages in 2016 from the University of Turku in Finland. In her thesis, she has investigated written institutional communication, namely pension authorities’ texts to their clients. She has also studied spoken institutional interaction, i.e. service encounters and academic supervision meetings, from a Systemic-Functional perspective in collaboration with the research programme Interaction and Variation in Pluricentric Languages (2013-2020). Her current research interests include how participants in focus group discussions position themselves using specific linguistic constructions, e.g. jag tänker ‘I think’.

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Sara Rönnqvist

Doctoral student

Sara Rönnqvist is a doctoral student at the University of Helsinki. She is currently working on her doctoral research, which focuses on evaluative spoken activities about visual art from a multimodal interactional perspective. The research examines how interpretations and evaluations are modified and negotiated incrementally and interpersonally in the multimodal ecology of social interaction. The data is from institutional settings between critics and artists in exhibition spaces and from focus group consisting of non-professionals discussing pictures of visual art.

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Sofie Henricson

Associate Professor, associated researher in EGS

Sofie Henricson is an associate professor in Scandinavian Languages at the University of Helsinki. She does research on various aspects of language and society, with special interest for the fields of interactional linguistics, variational pragmatics, and linguistic landscapes. Before her current employment, she has worked as an assistant professor at Åbo Akademi University, as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Turku (within the research program Interaction and variation in pluricentric languages), and as a researcher at The Society of Swedish Literature in Finland. She is one of the editors of the Swedish linguistic journal Språk och stil.  

Sofie Henricson on the University of Helsinki Research Portal. 

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